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Best PPD Sites - Highest Paying Pay Per Download Websites Without Survey 2019

In this article we are sharing some of the Best PPD Sites. It's only for those who are willing to earn money by Pay Per download websites, In this list of Best pay per download sites, I personally tested hundreds of sites and got scammed, so it shouldn't Happened with someone else, this why I have gathered some of the trust worthy website, who actually pay you on time.

Most of the time the journey towards PPD sites starts, is just because of not earning enough from Adsense or maybe you want to earn few more bucks from you're YouTube channel or maybe Adsense didn't approve you're site, there are tons of reasons behind but right now you are looking for Highest Paying PPD Sites, this is what you're searching right?
In description of each site I have mentioned there highest paying pay per download and there minimum payout, and other stuff, so that you can choose the website wisely depending on you're requirements and traffic location.

Testing each and every sites takes hell lot of a time, I'm dam sure you don't have that much of time, don't worry we personally have tested this sites. Despite of me testing & sharing the list of Best Pay Per Download Sites, still I request you guys to select 3 websites from the list and upload 1 file in each site and share that files on your source of traffic, Within 15 to 30 days you will get to know the highest paying pay per download website and stick to that 😊.

What is PPD Site?

PPD Sites is also known as Pay Per Download Websites, which pays publisher for per download, you need to upload content (PDF, APK, MP3 etc) and share it on your website or other platforms where other person need to download the file from the link given by you, for each complete download you will paid as per the PPD Rates, depending on the location and PPD sites Rates may vary. There are many Pay Per download sites who claims to be Genuine but you need to be careful while choosing, because fake rate is more. So in this article I have collected some of the Trusted BEST PPD SITES, Have a look.

File-Upload - (PPD Without Survey)

File-Upload comes first in this list, as I have personally used this and redeemed the amount which I had earned on this. And the main plus point is minimum payout in File-Upload is $1.00, but don't ever claim 1.00$, because 0.40 will be deducted for tax and other charges by PayPal, you will get only 0.60 cents if you redeem $1.00. It's better to claim atleast 10.00$. They have very good PPD rates - For 1000 downloads
GROUP - A : $6.00 (United States , Canada , Australia , United Kingdom)
GROUP - B & C : $2.00 (All Other Countries)

UploadOcean - (Best PPD SITE) no survey

Even UploadOcean is very good indeed, there PPD Rates are good too, but the download process is bit complicated, which may reduce your downloads and may decrease your income, it's just because they offer Pop-up ads on the download page. UploadOcean pays the earnings on time, the Minimum Payout is $10.00, the highest ppd site rates is $21.00 for 1000 downloads from UploadOcean, if you have traffic from USA.
GROUP - A : $21.00 (United States, Canada)
GROUP - B : $12.00 (Germany, France, Australia, Netherlands, Denmark, New Zealand, Sweden)
GROUP - C : $6.00 (Switzerland, Italy, Finland, Norway, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Russian Federation, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Poland, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, North Korea, South Korea, Ireland, Spain)
GROUP - D : $2.00 (All other countries)

Indishare.me - (Without Survey PPD site)

Indishare is trusted PPD site, this website comes under highest paying best PPD sites as they pay $40.00 for 1000 downloads with a file size of more than 101mb. The minimum Payout is $5.00, they have more payment options like PayPal, Airtel Money, Bank Transfer etc. Let's see the pay per download rates for all other countries, You can refer to image attach below.
File SIze
Group – A
Group – B
Group – C
Group – D
1 - 10 Mb
11 - 100 Mb
101 - 1000 Mb


DailyUploads – (Without survey Pay Per Download)

DailyUploads is one of the best PPD sites as there rates are highest on PPD rates. DailyUploads is a pay per download site without any survey, your traffic can download the file without filling any survey, so by which your earnings will increase. So for those who are looking for a PPD site without survey, all the sites mentioned in this article are your best options. The minimum payout is $25.00 and you can withdraw by PayPal, Skrill, Payza. DailyUploads Pay $16.00 for 1000 downloads which is why they are best ppd sites with highest paying.

UploadSmith - (Best PPD Sites) No Survey

UploadSmith is trusted website out here in PPD Sites, and highest payout is $10.00 per 1000 downloads from wealthy countries and minimum payment is $10.00. Even they don’t have surveys on download page. The only main drawback is the space they provide is just 2GB, which is very low, apart from that there is no issue. The details of pay per download rates for all countries has been given below, checkout.
1-100 MB
100 MB+
Group I
$ 10
$ 10
Group II
$ 3
$ 5
Group III
$ 2
$ 3
Group IV
$ 1
$ 2

Group I - United States, United Kingdom, Canada
Group II -  Australia, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland.
Group III - India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Russia, Turkey, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Japan, Poland, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Ireland.
Group IV -  All other countries


So this were some of the Trusted Best PPD Sites without surveys. Best wishes for your success, keep uploading and be patient, it takes time to be successful; it’s not an overnight job.  Sign Up right away and start working without wasting time on thinking. I hope this article was helpful for you, if it was don’t forget to leave a comment.

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